What Is Paper Scanning

In order to pave the way for rapid retrieval of documents when required, and the preservation of important records, it is important to consider the option of paper scanning

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Paper scanning is a process whereby conventional paper documents are digitalized by scanning to be preserved for more secure usage. Thus, the normal paper records can be saved and stored in the form of a digital library. This ensures organizations and institutions are more effective and this also provides them with a more secure method of storage and retrieval of documents and records that are of immense importance. Scanning is an effective method of enhancing and improving accessibility to these documents at all times.

Most commonly used paper scanning formats:

The Tagged Image File Format is the most widely and commonly used format for the purpose of digital image storage. This particular format has the ability to store images in color, grey, as well as black and white. There are scanners present at nearly all offices that are capable of scanning documents at a resolution of nearly 300 dpi. The average size of a paper that is used needs nearly 55K of total space in the disc. There are methods of converting and compressing this into about 30K worth of space. The biggest advantage of compressing documents and files is the fact that this reduces the total network traffic and allows for lesser consumption of storage space.

What kind of documents can be scanned?

Nearly all types of documents and records including medical files, maps, legal documents, blue prints, receipts and various other official documents can be scanned using paper scanning. Even tissue paper can be scanned with this process easily. The scanning can either be done in the form of large batches, or it can be done individually in case of documents that require extra delicate handling, or those that are of historical importance. Most of these documents require careful archiving once they have been scanned.

Advantages of paper scanning:

Paper scanning helps companies save tremendous amounts of time and resources that can be spent on other tasks rather than looking for paper documents and archiving files. Paper scanning can be done for all sorts of documents and papers.

Space is also saved as well as filing equipment and supplies can be literally eliminated from the work space. The most important advantage that paper scanning provides is that it helps workers retrieves documents in seconds instead of the hours and hours that it can take to retrieve paper documents. This also improves customer service many fold. Paper scanning also enables files to be kept in a safe and secure place. This ensures greater file security in general and companies can be at ease that their important files won’t be lost or damaged due to a fire or other hazards.